Latest Thinking on the Halloween Forecast

Rain by the end of the week?

We're keeping a very close eye on a storm system that will impact the state by the latter half of the week. 

What we know is that a big storm system will move across the country and bring with it heavy rain and gusty winds to the northeast.

What we're a bit uncertain about is exact timing and when the heaviest rain will occur.

Right now it appears the main frontal passage will occur on Friday. This would be when the heaviest rain and strongest winds would occur.

With that being said, it also appears that rain will move in during the day on Thursday (Halloween) and continue right into the evening hours. One of our most reliable models (European model) shows rain throughout much of the day on Thursday. You might be wondering what some of the other models show? Well, most of them bring rain to the area for both Thursday and Friday.

We will keep a close eye on the forecast going forward and provide updates as new information is available. 

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