Bradley Airport

Little Girl's ‘Daddy Doll' With Special Message Has Been Found

A little girl and her missing Daddy Doll
Arielle Saige Britton

A special doll that keeps a little girl connected to her father who is in the military disappeared somewhere between Bradley Airport and Atlanta and her family posted that it has been found.

The doll, a Daddy Doll, belongs to a little girl named Kenley and it has a special good night message that her daddy recorded before he left. Before the doll disappeared, she listened to that special message every night.

The family posted that the doll got lost at some point while they were traveling home on Delta Airlines and they are were hoping to get it back.

Bradley Airport shared the story on Twitter and asks anyone who finds the doll to send them a message or turn in into a Delta Airlines staff member.

A Facebook post from Friday afternoon says the doll was found on the plane and is being returned to Kenley.

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