Local DJ Paulie Sues “Jersey Shore”

A local man says DJ Pauly” is too close to “DJ Paulie."

One Connecticut-based DJ is not "“fist-pumping” with the MVPs of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.”

Paul Lis, a South Windsor man and part time DJ -- better known as DJ Paulie during T-shirt time -- is suing the popular reality show for trademark infringement.

Lis claims that he was the first DJ Paulie, dating back to 1973, and has the documents to prove it.

A spokesperson for Jose Rojas, the attorney filing the suit for Paul Lis, told the Associated Press that Paul DelVecchio, known to the world as DJ Pauly D, attempted to trademark the name in February 2010 but was turned down.

“DJ Paulie sounds like DJ Pauly,” Rojas, said. “It’s not about the spelling but about the way it sounds. It’s confusing to the consumer and violates federal law.”

A spokesperson for MTV refused to comment, the Associated Press reports.

The worst thing about having two DJ Paulie’s in the world is not too much GTL. The problem is one both of reputation and searchability, Rojas said and claims that MTV was issued a cease and desist order, with which they are not complying.

“Anytime you search DJ Paulie, his name and face come up. I can’t compete,” Lis said. “Before the show went on the air, my website was very successful and getting attention from the national advertisers. Now, I’ve pretty much been wiped off the Google map.”

But further than that, Lis said the content of the show is offensive.

“I don’t want to be associated with that show, the drinking, the violence,” said Lis, “I’ve prided myself in being G-rated. ‘Jersey Shore’ is hardly family entertainment. The show is hurting my business. It’s ruining my reputation. I’ve even had death threats,” he said.

“I know I’m David going up against Goliath,” Lis said, “but I’m only asking for what’s right and fighting to protect what is mine.”

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