Madison Couple Hits A Major Snag With Home Flooring Project

A Madison couple reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds after they experienced a $31,000 problem replacing their home flooring.

Bonnie and Matthew Potter recently took on a huge home improvement project.

Last May, the Potters’ replaced the entire wood flooring in their Madison home, spending $22,000 to do so.

The project seemed to start off on the right track, until the couple experienced one problem after another. Months after Home Depot installed the flooring, the couple noticed what they described as “failed hardwood.”

The Potters’ took pictures showing gaps in the middle of the floor, boards cracking, and spacing between the flooring and the walls.

Their $22,000 investment was far below their expectations.

According to an email exchange between the Potters’ and Home Depot, the couple said installers were sent out to their house several times. The installers informed them it was the material and not the installation and stated that the wood was shrinking in an unusual manner.

The warranty excludes coverage against: expansion and contracting, resulting in gaps between boards or any other problems due to excessive moisture, improper temperature and or humidity levels.

The Potters’ said they have a whole house humidifier, work from home, and keep temperature in the house at a comfortable level. They believe the damaged floor should have been covered by the warranty.

As months went by, the couple claimed the problem got worse and the company promised it would be resolved. When it didn’t, the Potters’ contacted NBC Connecticut Responds.

In a statement released to Responds, a Home Depot spokesperson told us:

“It was a product quality issue that was causing the problem. This is not the product or project quality we aim to provide, so we apologize to Ms. Potter and appreciate the opportunity to make it right.“

After our involvement, Home Depot reimbursed the couple $31,000 for the cost of the job and other related expenses.

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