Make Way For Another Candidate

Chris Hall, NBC Connecticut

Just when you think things have settled down in the race for governor this year, another candidate throws his hat into the ring. 

This time it's the Republican mayor of Newington, Jeff Wright, who Tuesday said he's a candidate for his party's nomination. 

Wright  made his announcement in the center of town, looking over an area that, he says, is an example of Newington's downtown revitalization program.

Wright told a good-sized gathering that he's running because of his three young children and the future of Connecticut.  There's a real danger that the next generation of state residents will leave Connecticut because opportunities and chances for prosperity are diminishing, he said.

Wright says he would implement a straightforward plan called the three C's: cap taxes, cut government spending and let it be known that Connecticut is open for business, that the state cannot be pro-job and anti-business at the same time.

Others in the race for GOP nomination are businessman Tom Foley, Lt. Governor Michael Fedele, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and Oz Griebel, head of the Greater Hartford Metro Alliance. 

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