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Bridge in Busy Area of New Haven Closed After Malfunction

A bridge in a busy downtown section of New Haven is malfunctioning and will remain closed until further notice, according to city officials.

The Mayor's Office said the Chapel Street Bridge between East Street and James Street is now closed because it is stuck in the open position.

City officials said a contractor is scheduled to inspect and diagnose the bridge, in conjunction with the city's engineering department. The bridge is expected to stay out of commission for the remainder of the weekend, and possibly longer depending on the severity of the issue.

“We’ve made the necessary adjustments to our deployment, including moving some assets to the other side of the river, in order to ensure response times are not negatively impacted,” said New Haven Fire Chief John Alston.

The cause of the malfunction is unknown at this time.

“We’re taking steps to ensure city services are not interrupted while the bridge remains off-line,” said Mayor Justin Elicker. “I’m confident in our city Engineering Department, and hopeful that we will be able to restore bridge operability as soon as is technically possible.”

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