Malloy Picks Former Lt. Gov. as Top Money Man

Former Lt. Governor Kevin Sullivan will soon be searching for money wherever he can, including going after tax scofflaws. It could also mean going after taxes from Internet sales.

Gov.-elect Dan Malloy Sullivan -- the former president of the Connecticut Senate who became lieutenant governor after former Gov. John G. Rowland resigned -- to be commissioner of the Department of Revenue Services.

Malloy, who takes office on Jan. 5, said his administration is looking at ways to tax Internet sales, a hot button issue this holiday shopping season.

A 1992 Supreme Court ruling prohibits states from collecting sales take in states where there is no physical presence, CNBC reports, but several states are fighting to be able to do so.

Jerry Cerasale, senior vice president for government affairs at the Direct Marketing Association, told CNBC that requiring companies without a physical presence in a state to pay sales tax is simply unfair. Maureen Riehl, vice president for government and industry relations at the National Retail Federation, told CNBC that everybody should collect or nobody should collect.

Sullivan has been serving as president of The Children's Museum in his hometown of West Hartford.

The state is in dire need of more revenue, Malloy said, and he wants Sullivan to go after those not paying their required taxes. Malloy will also ask Sullivan to help with job creation.

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