Malloy Pushes for Juvenile System Reform

Governor Dannel Malloy spent Monday morning at a round table discussion where he spoke about his proposal: Second Chance 2.0.

Officials said the bill was postponed last week because of budget voting.

The proposal would allow offenders 20-years-old or younger to be tried as young adults within the juvenile justice system rather than the adult system. It would also eliminate bail for most minor crimes.

The governor sat down with public officials and previous offenders to discuss the benefits of the bill. Malloy also took time to address criticisms other officials have about the bill.

“These folks who say they agree with parts…Where’s their legislation? If they agreed with bail reform, where’s their legislation to do that? If they believe to raise the age for some and not all, where’s their legislation on this?" said Malloy.

House Republican Leader Themis Klarides criticized the bill saying it, “Did not have the votes to pass when it came up in the regular session and again in the special session.”

Senator Len Fasano called the bill “too broad.” Malloy said he is confident this bill will pass.

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