Man Arrested After Trying to Get in Elementary School, Prompting Lockdown in Stamford

A man was arrested after trying to get into an elementary school, prompting a lockdown Friday afternoon, police said.

Authorities were called to Davenport Elementary School at about 1 p.m. after administrators saw a suspicious man on the school's campus and initiated a lockdown.

Because of the lockdown, police were called in. Officers responded within three minutes and took the man into custody.

School officials told police that the saw the man get out of a CT Transit bus and start walking towards the school. He appeared to be disoriented and tried to open the front door.

Administrators said the man tried to open the front door, but couldn't get in because the door was locked. Police said he rang the buzzer and spoke to the office staff, saying he had keys to drop off and that he was looking for a job.

The man has a pending case with Connecticut State Police from an arrest on Interstate 95 Wednesday, police said.

He was taken to a nearby hospital for an evaluation because of his confused mental state. Police said he faces additional first-degree criminal trespass charges.

Today, we want to highlight how, if you see something/say something, and how important it is to follow the schools safety and infrastructure security procedures, to ensure everyone’s safety," Captain Diedrich Hohn said in a statement.

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