Hartford Man Charged in Attempted Robbery at Southington Gas Station

Police have arrested a Hartford man accused of threatening and attempting to rob an Exxon gas station in Southington in April.

According to Southington police, on April 23 suspect Dallas Bailey, 36, entered the gas station to order cigarettes and gas and then demanded the gas station clerk give him money from the cash register. When the clerk refused Bailey indicated that he had a gun hidden in his pocket.

Bailey reportedly fled the scene when he saw another car pull into the gas station. The clerk followed Bailey and observed him pull out of the gas station in a white Nissan Altima with a female in the passenger side.

A short time after the incident, police found the car in Hartford and further investigation determined Bailey as the suspect in the case. He was arrested Thursday and appeared in Bristol Superior Court.

Police have yet to identify the female in the case.

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