Man Scammed Elderly Victims out of Thousands: Police

Norwalk police have arrested a man accused of scamming elderly residents out of thousands of dollars.

Angelo Bimbo, 21, of Ponus Avenue faces larceny charges after two separate incidents. Police said the first was reported on March 15. According to police, Bimbo went to the victim’s home looking for work and agreed to do repairs. The victim paid $24,750 in checks, but the work was never done, police said. Bimbo was identified by his license, which he used to cash the checks.

The second incident was reported to police on May 12. Police said another elderly Norwalk resident reported that Bimbo showed up at the victim’s home and claimed the roof had a “bubble” and that the driveway needed repairs. The victim paid Bimbo $7,000 in checks but Bimbo did not start the work, according to police. Bimbo eventually returned and the victim contacted police. Police said when they arrived Bimbo had fled the scene and abandoned a worker on the roof of the home.

Police said Bimbo turned himself in Wednesday on a warrant. He is being held on a $31,650 bond.

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