Man Who Helped Save People From Plane Crash Says Anyone Would Do the Same Thing

Charles Collin helped save two people who were inside a plane that crashed in Salisbury Sunday afternoon and while his family considers what he did to be a heroic act, Collins said he was just doing the right thing. 

“You’d do the same thing,” Collin said.” So would I. So would anybody else, I’m sure. That’s just how it goes. When folks need help, you go help them.” 

Collin’s first reaction to seeing the crashed plane right outside his summer home was to run over with a ladder to help get people out. 

He said he, “got the ladder up there and just sort of held it steady while the pilot and passenger climbed out.” 

The rescue was a family effort. 

Collin’s daughter, Gabriella, called 911 and instructed emergency services how to get to the crash site. 

“We’re up here,” she told them, “We’re on this road at the top of this mountain, and we’re like we need emergency services as soon as possible.” 

Because of the ladder, the pilot and the passenger made it out before emergency crews arrived and had only cuts and bruises as wounds. 

Lakeville fire Chief Jason Wilson said the plane took off 20 miles north of the crash site in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and an instructor and student were flying when the engine apparently gave out. 

While looking at the crash site Monday morning, Charles Collin said he’s thankful no one was hurt. 

“Pretty lucky that it didn’t hit the house. Pretty lucky that they’re safe and sound, and it’s just absolutely amazing,” he said. 

Investigators from the FAA and NTSB are evaluating what went wrong and are working on removing the plane from the tree. 

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