South Windsor

Man Who Ran Out of Gas Waved Axes for Attention: Police

A man who ran out of gas in South Windsor grabbed two axes because no one would stop to help him, police said. His intention was to get people’s attention, according to police, and he has been arrested. 

Police responded to Pleasant Valley Road near Wheeler Road at 8 p.m. Tuesday after receiving several calls about a man near a parked truck waving axes and detained 28-year-old Jacob Pritchard, of South Windsor. 

They said his truck ran out of gas and he was upset no one would stop for him, so he held two axes as he stood in the roadway to get people’s attention. 

“Based on the annoyance and alarm caused to the numerous motorists,” officers arrested Pritchard, police said. 

He was charged with breach of peace and threatening in the second degree. 

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