Managing Mischief

Milford Police Try to Prevent Pre-Halloween Pranks

Remember the good old days?  Back when kids would go out the night before Halloween and play harmless pranks on their neighbors? 

It's known as Mischief Night, and police in Milford say times are changing.  Gone are the days when teens would simply ring a doorbell and run away.  Police now say the pranks have escalated.  Throwing eggs, spray painting or toilet papering a house are acts of vandalism.  And police will be cracking down.

To prevent things from getting out of hand this year, the city is targeting teens on Mischief Night.  They are asking businesses not to sell to teens things like spray paint, eggs and toilet paper -- anything and everything that can be used for pranks. 

Punishments for those who spray, throw or wrap coudl range from school suspensions to arrest for those caught vandalizing property.

Mischief Night vandalism has gotten worse in the past few years, say officers, and they hope parents will reconsider sending their kids out Thursday night and come up with a way to entertain them at home.

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