Mario Lopez, Melissa Joan Hart Film Christmas Movie in New Britain and Bristol

New Britain is seeing some holiday cheer this week as it plays the host of the set of a new Christmas movie!

In a much-anticipated appearance, Mario Lopez greeted fans in downtown New Britain Wednesday as he made his way from street to set.

“It's just exciting everybody's excited, I mean AC Slater and Clarissa are in the house,” New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart said.

It was a packed house Wednesday at Amatos Toy and Hobby store in downtown New Britain as the shop, turned movie set, buzzed with production teams for day two of filming of "Christmas Hours.”

The biggest draw was fans waiting for a glimpse of the film's stars, Mario Lopez of Saved by the Bell Fame and Melissa Joan Hart who grew up on TV in "Clarissa Explains it All" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch."

“Mario Lopez was so sweet, he was walking up to everybody that was there taking pictures for those who wanted it. It just says a lot about him as a person too,” Stewart said

Stewart is flattered her city will be featured in a holiday film.

“This is awesome to have them and Heartbreak productions to choose New Britain to be one of the main areas that they do most of their filming here,” Stewart said.

“We chose New Britain and Bristol because it has that kind of New England kind of feel and the storefronts are great, the locations are great,” Andrew Gernhard said.

Connecticut native Andrew Gernhard, a producer on the film says there's been quite a frenzy over the flick.

“It's been a little crazy we have had a lot of crowds a lot of fans trying to keep it kind of low-key because it is a small film,” Gernhard said.

“I came to hopefully meet Melissa Joan Hart because I'm a big fan of Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” Emily Bowmar said.

Bowmar came from Windsor to catch up with Hart... Stewart says her time with the star was spent talking shop.

“Actually got to have a couple conversations with Melissa Joan Hart. She’s into politics, who knew and we were talking a little bit about politics,” Stewart said.

After hours of waiting, fans lined an alleyway as they watched Lopez show his love to their city.

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