Mayor's Signed Mugshots Sold for Charity

April Capone Almon turning the "unfortunate" into "something positive".

The date was September 4, 2009.  A day that East Haven Mayor April Capone Almon might like to forget.  It was the day she was arrested.

On July 19, the Mayor ordered several cars that East Haven police officer Mike Sorbo had ticketed and towed at the town beach, to be brought back and the tickets revoked.  It sparked Sorbo, a former Republican Town Council candidate, to file an incident report accusing Capone Almon of interfering with his job as a police officer and led to her arrest.

With less than a week before the Mayor's next scheduled court appearance, she is taking her mug shot and using it to raise money for charity.

She signed about 50 color enlargements of her mug shot with "Mayor April," the date of her arrest and the slogan, "Well behaved women rarely make history," according to a report in the New Haven Register.

The posters will be auctioned off for charity at WPLR's "Chaz & AJ in the Morning" holiday toy drive.

It brings the case full circle, because it was on September 2, that Capone Almon called into the radio show and postulated that the East Haven Police Department's application for an arrest warrant, then pending before State's Attorney Michael Dearington, was unlikely to result in her arrest, according to the Register.

The arrest happened on Sep. 4 and the rest, as they say, is history.

“This is an opportunity to take something unfortunate that happened to me and turn it into something positive to benefit kids who don’t have very much,” Capone Almon told the Register.

As for her continued legal battle, Capone Almon's lawyer, William F. Dow III of New Haven, believes her case “will be resolved successfully in court,” according to the Register.

Mayor April Capone Almon recently talked to Chaz & AJ about the arrest and her posters.  You can listen to the podcast here.

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