Meet Hartford Henry, the New Hartford Fire Department Mascot

The Hartford Fire Department has a new mascot and his name is Hartford Henry. Hartford Henry will attend several city events, celebrations and community gatherings to help spread fire prevention messages, the fire department announced Wednesday.

He also stars in a comic book that will be given to children in the city to teach about fire safety.

The fire safety comic book will be given to all Hartford Public School children, from pre-kindergarten through third grade, according to the fire department.

In the comic book, Hartford Henry speaks to children about fire prevention and the importance of not playing with lighters or matches.

The book also has recycling anti-littering messages.

“As a professional fire service, we must always look for ways to come up with ingenious initiatives to reduce the risk in our communities,” Fire Chief Reginald Freeman said in a statement.

“This comic book affords us that opportunity as well as address quality of life issues through our Hartford youth by embedding anti-littering messages subliminally throughout the body of work,” Freeman said.

The Hartford Fire Department will hold an event start at 11 a.m. on July 26 at the Boys & Girls Club of Hartford at 170 Sigourney St. in Hartford.

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