Middle Schooler Takes College Classes

Sixth-grade math was too easy for Shelton student


While many of her classmates are struggling with math in school, 13-year-old Nancirose Piazza, of Bridgeport, is already taking college-level classes.

Piazza is one of the youngest students to enroll at Housantonic Community College, reports the CT Post.

Her mother, an adjunct professor at the school. decided to enroll Piazza in college, because her regular math classes weren't challenging enough.

"Her mind was just so far past sixth grade," Piazza's former teacher Angela Cantone told the Post. "If I gave her an algebra book, she would be done with it the next day and ask for another."

In addition to her precalculus class at Housatonic, Piazza still takes regular courses at Shelton Intermediate School, where she is in the seventh grade.

Piazza said she was worried about fitting in at the community college.

"Then one guy came up to me in the library and asked how old I was. I told him. He said "good job" and gave me a thumbs-up sign," Piazza said.

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