Frustrated Teachers: “Thanks for Nothing”

The money is tight and so are the classrooms in Middletown.

Teachers and parents from Moody Elementary School had hoped a consulting firm from Hartford would find a short-term solution to the school's overcrowding issue. After 3 months of research the firm had nothing.

“We’re back to square one,” said Heather Rodman, a second grade teacher at Moody.

“I was actually hoping for a little more substance at this point,” said Ted Rascza, board of education Chairman.

There were no solutions. No suggestions. Just a recommendation for the district to continue doing what its doing. Teachers from Moody say the lack of help will ultimately affect student's education.
“There's probably going to be outrage that nothing is being done to help the children that are in that school everyday.  They're supposed to be getting our best and quite frankly I’m not sure they're getting it," said Rodman.
By the end of the night, even the consultants, who were paid $136,000 by the board, admitted they were disappointed they didn't find any solutions.

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