Milford Investigates After Children Are Approached

A woman approached siblings and a man approached two girls, police said.

Milford police are investigating unrelated suspicious encounters.

A mother in the West Shore area of town told police that a female approached her 13-year-old child on Nov. 4 and asked the child if he or she wanted a ride to school the following week, police said.

A woman had also approached the child’s brother the previous morning and told him she was going to walk him to school, police said.

Both children fled and notified their parent of the encounters. The woman is 5-feet, 5, with a medium build and red shoulder-length hair. She was wearing a navy blue jacket, black hat and blue jeans, police said.

Two parents also reported that their two 12-year-old daughters were walking together when a man in a car approached them at Plymouth Place and West Main Street on Nov. 5 and asked the girls if they wanted a ride.

The girls ran away and the man drove off, police said.

The male is described as about 60-years-old. He was wearing glasses and a royal blue jacket.

Police said the car was an older white four-door Audi type vehicle with Connecticut plates.

Police have contacted the Milford Board of Education and ask anyone who has information regarding these suspicious encounters to call the Milford Police Special Investigations Unit at (203) 878-6303.

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