More Apartments Coming to Hartford

There’s some new housing coming to Hartford at 777 Main Street tower.

Now a banner that reads “Live Modern” hopes to turn this property into not only a place to live, but a place that would be energy efficient.

The building is about 70 percent occupied now since June.

“It was a building that was built to very high standards at the time and it was old and it was empty and it would have continued to be empty and even increasingly blighted,” said Governor Dannel Malloy.

The tower is 26 stories.

Inside, there will be a 400-kilowatt fuel cell to provide the tower with most of its own power. The fuel cell is similar to a battery.

The project’s developer says the $85 million conversion could earn the highest rating for energy efficiency and conversion.

Mayor Pedro Segarra said in his tenure as mayor, he knew it would be tough to fill up the tower.

“We knew that based on the economy at the time we would not be able to refill this office space with new corporations. Although with the help of the state, we have been able to attract corporate tenants,” Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra said.

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