More in Store for Bridgeport's Pleasure Beach

It debuted as a summer destination last year, but there's even more in store for Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport this year.

"This year, we're adding a historic walking tour. You know Frank Sinatra sang out there. Frank and Eleanor Roosevelt spoke out there. Many state and local conventions were held out there in the ballroom that no longer exists, but you can see the history," said Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch.

That walking tour is just one of the features of the 71-acre barrier island that remained vacant for 18 years.

"[We] weren't able to reach it for years, because the wooden bridge burned out. Now we have the Gustave Whitehead and the Lewis Latimer ferry boats taking people back and forth from docks that our state and our local government helped us build, along with the city taxpayers," said Finch.

Some 25,000 people visited last year, and the city is hoping to add to that number by adding more attractions to the island.

"We hope to be opening up even longer during the year to more people," said Finch.

This year, it will be open as of Saturday, and as always, it's free of charge.

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