More Rape Charges for Hartford Corrections Officer

The Hartford correction officer accused of raping several women in Hartford and New Britain is facing new charges.

Kelvin Grisales, 31, was first arrested in April in connection with the sexual assault of a Hartford woman. A month later, he was charged in the brutal attack on a prostitute in New Britain in 2012.

Police said DNA evidence links Grisales to at least three other incidents and more charges have been filed out of Hartford.

According to Hartford police, Grisales offered the victim a ride on Park Street in September 2012. He took out a gun and threatened to kill her, then sexually assaulted and robbed the woman.

Evidence collected during the investigation points to Grisales as the perpetrator, police said.

Grisales will be charged with first-degree sexual assault, first-degree robbery, first-degree kidnapping with a firearm, second-degree threatening and sixth-degree larceny at his next court appearance Dec. 11.

The latest charges carry a judge-set bond of $100,000. Police said the investigation is ongoing.

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