Christmas Eve

Morning Snowfall Made for Rough Driving but Couldn't Stop Shoppers on Christmas Eve

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On a snowy Christmas Eve morning the roads were rough.

“On our way here it was pretty slippery and slide we saw a few cars swivel out a little bit” says Julia Gargow. 

And quite complex. With the snow coming down since overnight - when people woke up this morning the big message -  take it easy. 

Ares Martinez from Bloomfield describes what he saw on the road saying, “Snow on top ice building up the snow still going so you gotta be careful out there.”

Julia Gargow and her mother were driving from their home in Wethersfield. “We had to take it easy too because seeing other people kind of mess up a little bit made us feel like oh we have to be careful too.” 

But the weather didn’t stop these folks from grabbing a last minute sweet treat.

“I got to have my pie even with the weather I came from Bloomfield so I traveled all the way here just for this” says Martinez.

Granny’s Pie Factory in East Hartford was the hopping spot. 

“I think we’re may be doing something on the lines anywhere from 500-700 pies” says Niko Harobas, Vice President of Granny’s Pies.

As customers filed in to get their dessert the owner of the local staple that’s been around for over three decades tells us the business is much more than selling pies 

“ It’s really nice you hear people tell you stories they come back every year for the holidays or they came from Boston or I’ve been coming since they were kids “ says Harobas, “It makes you feel good when people trust you to do that and make dessert for the holiday.” 

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