Name That Tree – There's an App for That

A Salem man's app is one of seven new iPhone applications coming to your phone

You’ll never have to ponder the difference between an ash tree and a dogwood again. Your iPhone can tell you which is which and point out a willow too, thanks to a Salem man who created one of the newest iPhone apps.  

Jason Siniscalchi, an environmentalist from Salem who just received a PhD in forest research science, submitted the idea to MEDL Mobile and his idea is one of seven chosen.

Not only can you feel smarter by knowing what you’re looking at, but his application should also help you figure out which tree you’re allergic to.

MEDL Mobile is the App incubator, developer and aggregator responsible for such apps as iPee, which simulates urinating into a urinal, inBetween, which finds a place for you and a buddy to meet at a midway point and Note to God. We’re sure you can figure out what that does.

About six months ago, Sinisalchi heard MEDL Mobile was looking for the public to submit new ideas for iPhone applications, the Day of New London reports.

The company picked TreeID out of more than 4,000 designs.

”It's really crazy to think that something you think about all the time is now an iPhone Application,” Siniscalchi told the newspaper. “I didn't really ever think it would happen.”

TreeID can help you identify almost any tree in Northern America based on its name, scientific name, bark, leaf, fruit or location. It will walk tree identification novices through several ways to ID trees.

”I tried to make it really accessible to the layman,” he said. “I want anybody to understand exactly what they are seeing.”

The app costs $3.99. Siniscalchi gets 25 percent.

MEDL Mobile still wants application ideas and has already received more than 10,000 submissions.

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