New Britain Bakery Opens in New Location

A New Britain bakery has opened it’s doors once again Wednesday.

For the last 16 years, the Borinquen Bakery has been serving food specializing in Puerto Rican cuisine here on Arch Street. The curtains there are closed.

But not because they’re closed for good; they moved to a much larger facility down the road.

The grand opening was held before city leaders and the community.

Co-owners Mary Ortiz and Katherine Robles say it wasn’t easy to open the new bakery.

“We definitely implemented different techniques as far as custom cakes we started off with traditional ones and throughout the past 3 years we’ve been working hard to attract different customers, and do different things and I think that really showed through,” said Robles.

That's when business started booming.

They started with 14 employees and with the expansion, hired four more. They are still hoping to hire at least another 10 people.

The best part for Mayor Erin Stewart? The bakery stayed in New Britain – still on Arch Street.

“It just goes to show that we have businesses that are maintaining their presence here, they want to be a part of our New Britain community, they’ve worked extremely close with our department of economic development and our chamber of commerce to help make this happen and we’re just really glad to be able to support them along the way,” said Mayor Erin Stewart.

The city has previously designated Arch street as the “Barrio Latino.” It's similar to what Little Poland is to the polish community in New Britain.

The mayor said today’s opening is just one step closer to revitalizing the “Barrio Latino”.

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