New Britain Councilmen Vote to Keep Alderman Who Went on Drunken Tirade

A push to oust a New Britain councilman who admitted to going on a drunken tirade in the mayor's office and screaming homophobic slurs at a local bar failed Wednesday night.

The difference of one vote means the New Britain City Council cannot move forward with a hearing to remove Alderman Mike Trueworthy.

“I think the people of New Britain were done a disservice today,” said Alderman Jamie Giantonio.

Both Democrats and Republicans have voiced their concerns about Trueworthy’s behavior and ability to serve the public. “I think the Alderman’s actions on July 22 were reprehensible,” Giantonio said.

In July, Trueworthy admitted to going on a drunken tirade at City Hall that prompted police to show up.

Their report shows he demanded alcohol from Mayor Erin Stewart and called her vulgar names. That night, he was kicked out of the West Side Tavern for getting drunk and screaming homophobic slurs.

“I made a mistake and its certainly and error in judgment,” Trueworthy said. He told NBC Connecticut he takes responsibility for his actions. He has since resigned as council president, but maintains he can still serve the public on the council and said he does not plan to resign.

Some aldermen disagree and worry about the community’s trust and perception.

“It doesn't send the right message to young people that you can make fun of someone’s sexuality if you want to or you can threaten them. It doesn't send the right message to our community and it’s unfortunate,” Giantonio added.

NBC Connecticut tried speaking with the aldermen who voted against the resolution but they would not comment.

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