New Britain Creates Anti-Blight Task Force

If your home is considered a nuisance in New Britain – beware. A new task force could fine you if you don’t fix the problem.

The city of New Britain has created an anti-blight task force. The group is conducting regular, targeted visits to neighborhoods to identify and address nuisance problems.

"Twenty yards of garbage behind a house that’s eroded harborage, that’s fly-breeding, stagnant water, old tires, those are the things as a public health official, I’m looking to try to prevent from happening," said task force member Caleb Cowles.

Cowles is with the Department of Public Health, but the task force also includes members from the mayor’s office, fire marshal’s office, police, health, building, housing, municipal development, zoning and public works departments.

Three teams have been divided among neighborhoods in the city, including Fairview, Union, Gilbert, East and Tremont streets.

City officials say it’s just a reminder to homeowners about the importance of keeping up their property – but it’s all at a cost. Each violation could cost at least $90.

"The tenants themselves should have a little more pride, I don’t know how you’re going to change that," said New Britain resident Roger Legassi.

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