New Britain Students Receive Warm Welcome Back to School

Thousands of students went back to school in New Britain on Monday and they were not only greeted by teachers and administrators, but also by community leaders and local organizations.

New Britain firefighters welcomed students at Gaffney Elementary School, giving them a big high five and a smile.

"They could say hi to kids on the first day of school and like a lot of kids like firefighters and they could get excited," Jade Benitez, a fourth grader, said.

Students arriving at DiLoreta Magnet School saw Lorena Bunker wearing a shirt that said “Love Wins” and she greeted them on behalf of The Ana Grace Project of Klingberg Family Centers

“What I'm looking for are really big smiles, excitement, laughter, and just them with a ready-to-go attitude," said Bunker, an outpatient therapist at Klingberg Family Centers. 

Administrators said they were happy welcoming students back to school and students were excited to start the new year.

"I'm actually really excited because I get to meet new people and new teachers," Aiden Diaz, a fifth grader at DiLoreta Magnet School, said. 

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