New Haven Pushes Ideas For Long Wharf Development

New Haven’s Long Wharf could look dramatically different in the coming years if a development plan that has the support of the city’s mayor becomes a reality.

Mayor Toni Harp and several other city leaders and stakeholders gathered today to discuss the Long Wharf Responsible Growth Plan. The plan outlines a future for the region that includes space for people to live, work and play.

“We expect that there will be housing, retail, commercial opportunities on the sound that have never existed before,” Toni Harp told NBC Connecticut at an event discussing the plan at the new Canal Dock Boathouse.

The plan breaks Long Wharf site into five walking districts and includes shops, dining, a hotel near the existing Ikea to 33 acres of new park space. The plan also connects Long Wharf to downtown for pedestrians, and makes Union Station more accessible.

“We already believe that we’re a world-class city. But I think everyone else will believe it as well. People will be able to live on our waterfront and enjoy it. They’ll be able to enjoy parks that help to ensure that our shoreline is resilient and sustainable,” said Harp.

The plan has been submitted to the Planning Commission and Board of Alders and there will be a public discussion of it tomorrow evening along with public comment.

If the Board of Alders approves it, that’s when the city can begin formally shopping for developers to make these plans reality.

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