New Q House for New Haven

What was once at the heart of New Haven's Dixwell community has long been boarded up, but today officials announced $1 million in state funding to breathe new life into the city's Q House.

Alderwoman Jeanette Morrison remembers the days when the Q House was brimming with life.

"This was my place. This was the place that taught me," she said. "I thought at 8-years-old I was going to the Olympics because I took gymnastics here and our coaches said we were preparing to go the Olympics."

She says it provided a safe haven for New Haven's youth and met the needs of everyone in the community, up until about 10 years ago when the Q House was shut down.

“It really devastated the community, because we had no central place to go,” said Morrison.

However, on Tuesday, Gov. Dannel Malloy joined New Haven Mayor Toni Harp to talk about revitalizing the Q House by knocking the current building down and putting up a new one its place.

“I'm so proud to stand with Mayor Harp today to announce $1 million in state funding to get the new Q House up and running,” said Malloy.

The funding will go toward designing the new building, which will not only house a community center, but a library and possibly a health center.

It's something the community says will benefit residents young and old.

“This community has been seeking an opportunity to make young people better in this community for several years, and this is a golden opportunity to make that happen,” said Clarence Phillips, Jr., a member of the Greater New Haven Business and Professionals Association.

“Crime will go down, children will be saved, and people will learn skills, marketable skills,” said Morrison.

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