New Haven Releases Details on Union Station Plans

The City of New Haven has released its plan to revamp Union Station.

As part of the city's "100 Years Forward" initiative, the city detailed its $65 million plan to renovate the historic building. 

"After recent news of Aetna’s increasingly likely departure from Connecticut, it is now more important than ever for the state to act boldly to develop dense, vibrant urban spaces that attract workers, jobs, and investment," Mayor Toni N. Harp said. "In this plan, the City and Park New Haven are prepared to make Union Station fulfill its potential as both a gateway to the state and an iconic hub of a developing mixed-use neighborhood."

The project includes a new 645-space parking garage, train station amenities, intermodal transit connectivity and critical station maintenance.

The plan is to spend $21 million  for necessary upgrades to the building's structural and mechanical  systems, $26 million for the parking garage that will include bike and pedestrian facilities and $15 million towards Union Station's retail stores and restaurants. 

“Perched at the crossroads of MetroNorth, Amtrak, and the new Hartford-to-Springfield line, Union Station is poised to become Connecticut’s own version of Grand Central Terminal,” Harp added. “This city recognized the potential built into Union Station a generation ago, when the state was about to tear it down, and has since brought it all the way back to solvency and profitability. Now, New Haven is ready to commit to this project for the long term, in the best interests of the city, region, and state.”

The city said Union Station in New Haven has more than 700,000 Amtrack customers and more than one million Metro-North riders passing through. 

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