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New Haven Superintendent Signs Separation Agreement With School Board

New Haven Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carol Birks has signed a separation agreement with the Board of Eduction, district officials confirmed Monday.

At a meeting earlier this month, the Board of Education announced they agreed to end Birks' contract.

On Monday, the Board of Education released an 11-page separation agreement with former superintendent Dr. Carol Birks.

“We’re moving on to a new chapter. She’s moving on to a new chapter. It’s good for her and it’s good for the system,” said Darnell Goldson, New Haven School Board president.

All but one member of the board agreed to the separation. Board member Dr. Edward Joyner voted against the separation, saying he believed the board had grounds to terminate Birks.

But she had come under fire and faced concerns including with a plan to shuffle around dozens of teachers and frustrations with changes to bus routes.

“I think we got to a point where it was difficult to work together. So we decided to work apart,” said Goldson.

The agreement includes a $175,000 payout and healthcare coverage through March 31, 2021. Birks' last day is October 31. She started with the district in 2018.

Dr. Iline Tracey was named as interim superintendent. 

At Monday’s meeting some say they felt a sigh of relief and were glad to be moving forward with Dr. Tracey in charge.

She has spent nearly four decades with New Haven schools.

After the district’s recent battle for funding, she wants to focus again on teaching.

“Our kids are not failing. We are failing them. That’s how I look at it. We are failing them. We need to provide opportunities for them to thrive and grow in our environment,” said Tracey.

The board says once the elections are over and in the next couple of months they’re going to start discussing filling the superintendent position.

Tracey has it until at least June, and she said she’d like to apply when the job is posted.

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