New LED Board for Train Times in New Haven

If you've passed through Union Station in New Haven in the last couple of days you might have noticed some changes. 

The biggest of them all is the new board that displays train times.
The Department of Transportation says it is a new state of the art public information system that helps bring this station into the modern age. 
"I think it's lovely," said Evelyn Parise of Hamden. "I noticed it as soon as I came in. it's a great improvement."
Commuters noticed the great improvement over the board that contractors hand-cranked down late Saturday night
Union Station debuted the new train times board to commuters Sunday morning. DOT says this is part of the overall station improvement project that's been going on here in New Haven
"It looks hugely different," said Jack Friedman of New York.
The different board or public information system works in connection with the audio system installed throughout the station. The announcements used to come from a person. In addition station officials say these signs now display train information throughout the concourse. The other upgrades are to things like elevators and building code.
"This is great," Friedman said. "Just like they've restored Grand Central Station in New York, they've done the same kind of thing here."
Friedman is a 1972 Yale University graduate and remembers what it was. While he won't miss the infamous noise it made others will.
"That's what a train station is," said Anne Marie Pitoniak of West Haven. "It has the little clicks and you watch the numbers go down and change."
I appreciate the technology but I think I'll miss the sound of the old flip board. It's been there for a long time," said Leah Pillsbury who lives in Philadelphia now but grew up in New Haven. 
DOT says the board just taken now has only been here for 25 years
"It looks about the same but just digitally so maybe they can use the screen to convey other information," Pillsbury added.
DOT says there's more room on this board for other information especially once the New Haven-Hartford rail is launched in 2016. As for the sign, it is being donated to the Danbury Rail Museum.
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