New Teaching Hubs Aim to Help Working Parents with Students

Hartford Public Schools along with the Community Renewal Team and the City of Hartford is partnering together to offer "teaching hubs" for students.

The final installations and steps to protect students against COVID-19 at the CRT Ritter Child Development Center are underway. The goal behind the initiative is to offer a safe learning environment for students learning remotely.

The CRT Ritter Child Development Center in Hartford. One of the teaching hub locations in the city.

The CRT's latest venture is providing a safe space for K-3rd graders whose parent or caregiver has to work during the day.

"This is a new opportunity for families who are working," said Leslie Giordano, director of educational services at CRT. "If parents are willing to send them to us when they're doing remote learning, we will gladly have them here."

Plexiglass dividers are set up at every desk in each classroom. Masks will be required but kids will have breaks. Packed lunches will be served and those who need a hub closer to home will have options.

No more than 13 students will be allowed inside each classroom. Plexiglass dividers separate student work areas to cut down on the spread of COVID-19 between students.

"Caring and loving environments is what we will be offering to students," said Giordano. "Families will get to choose from various sites throughout the city so we believe that's going to be extremely helpful."

Eligibility requirements for children include: a resident of Hartford, a K-3rd grader enrolled in-person, hybrid, or remote-only class and have a working parent/caregiver that meets low to moderate income levels.

Leaders believe the teaching hubs will be partly operational next week.

Sarah Morrill is a working parent and a mother of two young children who sometimes need a little instruction while learning remotely,

"They have moments of frustration and sadness because they can't see their friends," said Morrill.

Students are encouraged to bring their electronic devices. If students forget, they C.R.T will provide them with one.

A partnership between Hamden Public Schools, Right at School, and the YMCA is helping Morrill's kids learn remotely while inside a safe environment with masks and social distancing while she's working.

"It's been a great resource for us and it's taken a lot of stress and pressure off of our family," said Morrill. "I also found it to be very safe, there aren't actually that many kids that are there."

For more information about how to enroll, you can contact Leslie Giordano at 860-560‐5461 ext.231 or

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