New Trains to New Haven

There’s a big change coming to New Haven for rail commuters. Brand new rail cars are headed to the New Haven line. They're still being built but once they hit the tracks, they'll run mainly from the Elm City to New York City.

The new M-8 rail car is sleek, modern and high tech said Gov. M Jodi Rell as she sat one of the trains 105 seats, “its a good investment its one of those things where you like to see your money is going your taxpayer dollars.”

$700 million taxpayer dollars will be spent to build and run a total of 300 cars just like this one. Part of the money will come from a rate hike built into the 2005 proposal for the new cars. The first will be 1 ¼% hike in 2011 says Jim Cameron, Chairman of the CT Metro-North/Shoreline East Rail Commuter, “then a 1% (increase) each January 1st for the next 6 years. That’s a small price to pay for a car like this.”

That is true for people like Amanda Olmstead who rides the train home once a month instead of driving, “a lot of the seats are torn the rails are rusty some of the stuff is broken the bathroom door doesn’t work. It’ll be nice to have new ones.

Others prefer the old cars if it means a cheaper ride, “With a lot of problems with the economy it seems like everyone is trying to raise more prices so it seems like its not a good time for hike,” says Brian Tashman, in New Haven.

The trains have to go through a testing phase once they’re built before commuters can enjoy a ride. The first of these trains will hit the tracks until next Fall. The fair hikes will begin in June or July of 2011 says Governor Rell.

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