New Year, New Laws

With the new year comes new state legislation slated to take effect Jan. 1.

In addition to new gun control regulations, Connecticut officials are modifying and updating a number of existing laws.

One measure, to penalize people who leave dangerous ice and snow atop their vehicles while they drive, has been in the works for nearly four years.

"It's dangerous, a hazard," said Melissa Good, of Rocky Hill. "Very scary, especially when you're driving with kids making sure they're safe. Ice coming at you is not ok!"

The law was passed in 2010, but authorization of $75 tickets was delayed until now. 

As Tom Fitzmaurice of East Haddam put it, "It's difficult to expect those guys to climb up and get everything off the roof of their semis."

"I drive an SUV," said Colleen Reilly of Wallingford, "and I use a huge slide out broom just to get snow off my SUV, so I don't do it to somebody else."

Another new law may be alarming: anyone selling a house without a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector has to give the buyer $250 credit at closing.

Higher commuter rail fares also take effect tomorrow, and in 2014, the state will be required create a registry of deadly weapon offenders.

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