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New York Woman's Quest to Return Long Lost Photos Ends in Connecticut

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Along a canal in Seneca Falls, New York, Alana Kathleen reeled in her best catch yet, using some non-traditional bait.

“You get a really strong magnet, throw it in a body of water and see what sticks," Kathleen said.

Nothing impressive usually sticks to the magnet, but two days ago, it attracted something unusual - a digital camera with pictures still on it dating back 10 years.

"It was the best thing ever, And then when we got looking at them, they were so clearly some really significant events in the lives of these people," Kathleen said.

Pictures from a wedding on May 28, 2010, were still on the camera's SD card.

Kathleen posted some of the photos on social media and shortly after, the wedding venue was recognized as Water's Edge Resort in Westbrook, Connecticut.

After some detective work, the bride and groom were identified. And, the couple is still happily married.

"It has been a crazy ten years. It has flown by, but yes, we are still together," Elizabeth Lilly said.

Elizabeth and Jon Lilly live in Stonington now. They believe the camera belongs to a close relative and they're still working to figure out who.

The never before seen pictures of their big day were a meaningful surprise for the couple.

"Just even pictures of my grandmother who just passed, it was nice to look back and see that picture and it was just nice to look back and see some pictures of people who are not here anymore," Elizabeth said.

“It has been a really hard year for us, and the world. Being able to do this and being able to share something positive with so many people, I am really grateful for that opportunity," Kathleen said.

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