Children Honored for Acts of Kindness in Newtown

The Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Awards has grown tremendously in its second year.

Inside Newtown's Edmond Town Hall contained a room full of bold kindness. From Lauren Brown, who shaved her head and raised thousands to support her friend with brain cancer, to Aidan Walker, who saved his younger sister from drowning.

On Saturday night dozens of children from 14 states and two countries were recognized for their extraordinary work, all in honor of Charlotte Bacon, a victim of the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Many acts of kindness even inspired by Charlotte, who would have turned eight today.

"It brings hope on a day that certainly can bring a lot of sorrow," said Aaron Carlson, Chairman for Newtown Kindness, an organization created in honor of Charlotte.

"I'm really happy that I could be a part of her memory and to celebrate her," said Lizzie Penna, who came to the ceremony from Philadelphia.

Penna was recognized for starting Peace for Puppies when she was in third grade. Five years later she raised thousands of dollars.

"We collect supplies and money for shelters and rescues for animals all over the country," said Penna.

If you’d like to donate to Peace for Puppies, you can go here:

NBC Connecticut was with Lucia St. Lorenzo when she brought Thanksgiving supper to on-duty Newtown Police Officers, and she was honored at the ceremony for that unexpected act of kindness.

In less than two years, organizers says Charlotte's kindness has reached more than 10,000 children, and they hope even more will think kindly and act boldly.

"We saw so much goodwill coming towards our community, and that's really what inspired us to take action," said Carlson. "We saw so much good in the world in the face of the worst tragedy."

Organizers want to hear from more kids about the good acts they're doing. You can tell them about it at

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