Crack Pipe Fight Brings the Cops


A Middletown couple was arrested after a fight in front of their 2-year-old child, where each is accused of calling the other a crack addict.

Stefanie Ayasse, 27, and Noel Irizzary, 31, were shouting at each other when officers were called to their Portland Street home last week for reports of a domestic disturbance, The Middletown Press reports.

Ayasse told cops that the argument started after Irizzary got angry because the house was messy and their puppy had used the floor as a bathroom.

When she tried to leave, she told cops, Irizzary pushed her. Ayasse then told officers that Irizzary was a crack addict and abusive toward her.

But Irizzary told police that it is the other way around -- that Ayasse is the crack addict. According to the report, he even showed them a smashed crack pipe in her dresser.

Ayasse admitted to owning the pipe and claimed Irizzary also owned a pipe, but she could not find it, police said.

Both are charged with disorderly conduct. Ayasse faces an additional charge of possession of drug paraphernalia. They're expected back in court next month.

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