Noose at UConn Health Not the First at Connecticut Construction Sites: NAACP

The noose found hanging at a construction site outside Farmington's UConn Health Center isn't the first to turn up at job sites managed by Turner Construction, according to the NAACP in Connecticut.

NAACP spokesman Scot X. Esdaile said hate crimes have been reported at Turner Construction sites for nearly a decade.

The most recent occurred in 2007 in Stamford, when, according to the Wilton Villager, a construction worker at the Royal Bank of Scotland found nooses near his work site.

"Ten years later and we still haven't gotten it right. The common denominator is Turner Construction in Connecticut," Esdaile said. "It's extremely important that the FBI and professionals that know how to deal with hate crime deal with it swiftly and decisively."

Esdaile said he plans to reach out to the Hartford NAACP on Monday and hopes to arrange a sit-down meeting with officials from both UConn Health Center and Turner Construction.

"Turner Construction needs to eradicate this problem because it's been lingering around for almost a decade," Esdaile said.

Turner Construction released a statement Thursday saying the company has a "zero tolerance policy for harassment and is committed to a harassment free workplace."

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