Northwestern Connecticut Towns Prepare for First Snow of Season

Ninety tons of salt that was delivered to public works in Norfolk Wednesday with the possibility of some snow accumulation in the forecast. And this was just one step in their preparation.

"We are prepared. As I spoke to my public works director this morning he would have been more concerned if it was happening in the hours of the morning prior to the sun," said First Selectman Susan Dyer.

The late morning arrival of the storm has been a major contributing factor to the towns preparations, John Allyn, the Norfolk road supervisor said.

"By that time it will be daylight and hopefully the temperatures will be up high enough so it does not accumulate on the grounds or on the trees."

The Department of Public Works is armed and ready with salt piled up, and plows ready to be put on the trucks.

Town officials said that with the warmer temperatures during the day, pre-treatment is not a concern. NBC Connecticut is forecasting temperatures back up to the 80s later this week.

But people around town don't mind the swing in temperatures.

"Ooh I look forward to the change in seasons that's what makes New England a great place to live so it's a little early but I don't know, I don't mind it," said Karen Smith of Torrington.

Snow in late October isn't uncommon. For the last 73 years, Litchfield county has seen at least a trace of snow in October. But there's also the opposite end of the spectrum.

"I can remember an election day where it was 80 degrees. So it's just a typical New England weather. You never know what it's going to be," Dyer commented.

And there's always the mindset that, this is New England after all, and by this weekend we'll be back in the 60's.

"It's not going to last. It's not going to be a big inconvenience. So let it come, definitely," said Steve Bosse of Thomaston.

Public works said they would be keeping an eye on the forecast all night long and be ready to treat the roads should need be Wednesday morning.

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