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Officers at Trooper Crash Scene Raised DUI Concern

Currently there is a motor vehicle, criminal, and internal affairs investigation over the crash involving Sgt. John McDonald.

There is new insight into a September crash in Southbury involving a state trooper that injured a mother and daughter.

Thursday, NBC Connecticut learned that officers that responded to the scene specifically referenced their concern that this was a drunk driving accident.

In a lawsuit, Sgt. John McDonald is accused of drunk driving by a mother and daughter from Middlebury who were injured in the crash.

Police have said McDonald was off-duty in his unmarked police car when he didn’t stop at a stop sign crashing into a car traveling on Route 188.

State Police body camera footage was released last week.

Police are investigating if McDonald had been drinking at a trooper retirement party before the crash.

They said McDonald never took a blood alcohol test.

In the body cam video, the supervisor is heard talking with another sergeant on scene about writing up the crash.

He says he is “worried about the 1-3”

That’s code for drunk driving.

Here’s a transcript of the interaction:

Sgt. Shawn Prusinowski speaking with Sgt. Borowski, “Just so I’m doing this right. Take it like a 10.”

“Take it like a 10 and then you punch another number for an OSHA,” responded Borowski.

“Yeah I did that, but I’m worried about the 1-3,” said Prusinowski.

“I mean it is what it I,” Sgt. Borowski.

“It is what it is,” agreed Sgt. Prusinowski.

State police did not give an update on the investigation investigation, but confirmed that code is in reference to drunk driving.

The family is suing Mcdonald, the state, and two men associated with the brewery. We’ve reached out to all parties for comment.

McDonald remains on the job as investigations are underway.

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