Thea Digiammerino

Bird's Eye View: A Look Back at the Damage Left by the May 2018 Tornadoes

On May 15, 2018, powerful storms, including tornadoes and a macroburst, caused damage across Connecticut. Here is a bird's eye view of what some of the worst-hit towns looked like in the days immediately following the storms.

Bethany was one of several towns in the path of a tornado that hit Connecticut on May 15, 2018. DroneRanger surveyed the damage one day after the storm.
DroneRanger flew over the Candlewood Shores section of Brookfield on May 16, 2018, one day after a macroburst hit town, leaving widespread destruction behind.
A tornado hit part of Hamden on May 15, 2018. DroneRanger flew over some of the damage the following day. Downed trees took out huge sections of power lines, leaving crews working for days to restore power and even longer to return town to normal.
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