OSHA Closes Citation from Fire That Killed Firefighter: Officials

Officials from the Hartford Fire Department said the state’s OSHA division closed the citation issued after finding violations in the wake of the first line of duty death the department had in 40 years.

State and federal officials began investigating after firefighter Kevin Bell died on Oct. 7, 2014 during a fire on Blue Hills Avenue.

State labor leaders handed the city citations for five serious violations pertaining to safety issues within the Hartford Fire Department, including with problems with breathing apparatus testing, and outdated air packs.

The department previously said the fines were reduced 20 percent – from $5,000 to $4,000 -- in response to the department adopting measures to address safety concerns.

Now, fire officials said Connecticut Occupational Safety and Health has dropped the citation and the fire department demonstrated all improvements were completed prior to July 28, including selection of new fire and heat resistant hoods. 

"The Department is continuing to partner with CONN-OSHA to identify opportunities to enhance the safety of our men and women." a statement from the fire department says.  

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