Rough Commute at Parking Garage

Steel reinforcement bars are poking through the concrete, and now city engineers are documenting the safety issues.

Commuters who park at the garage say the warped steel sticks out of pavement on ramps and is creating questions about the safety of the garage.  But state engineers say the exposed steel appears to be only a nusance. They are monitoring the three-story garage for further deterioration.

The garage houses some 800 commuters vehicles everyday.  

"You can definitely tell that it's falling apart a little bit and it's pretty tight parking your car here as well," said Matt Arnold a commuter from Oxford.

The city of Stamford wants the State of Connecticut to make repairs, but the state says it has other plans.  The garge is coming down in two years, so repairing the rebar would be wasteful, they say.  Construction will take two years at a cost of $35 million and nearby alternative parking will be provided for commuters. 

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