Pedi-Cabs Get Green Light to Operate in New Haven

It is an eco-friendly alternative to taking a cab or riding the bus in New Haven.

“You’re looking a pedicab,” said Paul Hammer, founder of CaBike. “This is one of two in our small fleet.”

Hammer is now the first pedicab operator to go through the city’s new registration process.

“We’ve seen problems in other municipalities like New York,” Hammer said.

The Board of Alders passed an ordinance in 2010, but it took some time to sort out the rules, regulations and application process, Director of Transportation, Traffic and Parking Douglas Hausladen said.

New Haven’s rules require pedicab operators to go through proper training and background checks. They also need to have insurance and know where they can and can’t transport passengers.

“I think pedal cabs fit a niche market that really don’t compete with too many other markets,” Hausladen said. “We’re not trying to drive away the taxi business.”

While, Hammer is hoping to grow his business, he said, “We welcome competition, and also cooperation and investment.”

Hammer charges a pay what you can fee but said some of the money supports Beeep, a non-profit that supplies donated bicycles to low-income riders of all ages.

“People are very generous when they find out a portion of the proceeds is going to recycle these bikes,” Hammer said.

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