Pelican Rescued From Connecticut River in Essex Improving

Connecticut Audubon Society

A pelican in distress was rescued from the Connecticut River in Essex on Wednesday morning. A day later, it is improving and is expected to survive, according to the Connecticut Audubon Society.

Officials from the Connecticut Audubon Society were notified that there was a Brown Pelican in the area.

They located the bird in the water in a cove along the Connecticut River and it looked listless at a time when it should be feeding, according to the Connecticut Audubon Society.

Brown Pelicans found in the South and normally aren't seen north of Virginia Beach. The Connecticut Audubon Society officials believe this one may have been blown north during a recent storm.

Patrick Comins, executive director of the CT Audubon Society, said the bird was in really bad condition when it was first found, and it took a significant rescue effort.

"This bird would not have survived the night. If you know if if Andy hadn't found the bird and we hadn't gotten this rescue, the bird was in really bad shape. But when Christine at A Place Called Hope, got some fluids in the bird, it seemed to perk up a little bit," Comins said.

Officers from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection were called to rescue the pelican. They brought it to the A Place Called Hope bird rehab facility in Killingworth.

Learn more on the pelican's condition here.

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