People Gear Up for Wintry Weather Across the State

Travel Sunday night has been treacherous, and one of our NBC Connecticut crews can attest.

They traversed to Manchester, Vernon, Stafford Springs, and Enfield in the evening.

But on this snowy Sunday, they found it was life as usual for many fond of the snow.

“I love the snow. I’m from New England. Come on, if you can’t drive in this stuff, move to Florida,” said Kelly Doyle of East Hartford.

We chatted with many locals running errands in Manchester before the start of the work week.

“Now I got to go to Stop Rite to get some cheese for the chili,” said Doyle, who stopped into a Manchester package store off Spencer Street first.

“But I hate the shoveling part. I used to like it. I don’t like it anymore," said Les Gardner of East Hartford, also running some errands.

None were overly concerned about the dangerous driving conditions, but they had some friendly reminders for their fellow travelers to be cautious and slow down.

As the evening got icier, Route 83 in Vernon was virtually empty. Downtown Stafford Springs was very quiet too.

Except for those working to clean up what was coming down.

“This is money coming out of the sky, you know. Like little diamonds falling on the ground,” said Todd Speranzini, of BNK Landscaping out of Vernon.

Spiranzini is expecting to be out for about 30 hours straight trying to make business properties safe.

“I would prefer snow over ice. All it does is create slick conditions for everybody and it’s hard to clear, especially when people have to go to work in the morning. It’s tough. It’s tough being out here.”

Those out in the elements Sunday night reminded Connecticut residents that no matter the weather Mother Nature dishes out this year, it’s all about your attitude.

“We live in CT. Why not?” said Paul Lizott of Suffield who was filling up his gas tank in shorts.

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