Pick One, Paycheck or Pension

UConn is cutting back on how often retirees can work at the school

If someone retired from UConn and has since come back to work, you might not be seeing them all too often because of double dipping – pensions and paychecks.

In February, The Hartford Courant exposed the fact that more than 1,000 state retirees were back on the state payroll. So, Gov. M. Jodi Rell, who has been slashing budgets, asked UConn officials to change the rules and they agreed.

It turns out that folks who retired and were then rehired, earned at least $14 million last year, in addition to more than $44 million in pensions.

Among the highest earners? UConn professors.

So, how often would you be able to see profs who gave up the lecture hall for the living room and then came back? A max of 120 days for limited purposes. This is the same restriction already imposed on most state agencies.

The use of 120-day employees has increased statewide, despite a law aimed at limiting the practice.

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